Devops Stories

  • Log Management for Docker Swarm with ELK Stack

    Setup a dynamic log management solution for Docker Swarm with Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Logspout.

  • Monitoring Docker Swarm with cAdvisor, InfluxDB and Grafana

    Monitoring is essential to know the state of our running applications. Using InfluxDB, Grafana and cAdvisor, we will setup a scalable monitoring solution for Docker Swarm.

  • Auto Scaling with Docker

    We will set up an auto-scaling system with Docker using Docker Remote API. This can be used to scale the service as the traffic increases. We will make a docker image that replicates services and will tested it on an app deployed with Docker Swarm.

  • Building Blue-Green Deployment with Docker

    Blue-Green Deployment is a strategy to release new version of the app without downtime. We will implement a blue-green deployment system with Docker Swarm.

  • Load Balancing with Docker Swarm

    Docker Swarm lets us group a number of hosts into a cluster and distribute the docker images among these hosts. We will deploy a load balancer that will distribute the traffic to different instances of the docker images in the swarm.

  • Orchestrate Docker containers with Tutum

    Tutum provides us with easy access to features like deploying, linking, load balancing and scaling when using Docker hosting.

  • HTTPS with Let's Encrypt and nginx

    With Let's Encrypt create SSL certificates free of cost to serve your site via HTTPS. Also, see how to automate the process of renewing these certificates.