Developing in AWS Lambda with Serverless Framework

Leverage the serverless approach to create a highly parallel application in AWS Lambda with Serverless Framework


  • Log Management for Docker Swarm with ELK Stack

    Setup a dynamic log management solution for Docker Swarm with Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Logspout.

  • Monitoring Docker Swarm with cAdvisor, InfluxDB and Grafana

    Monitoring is essential to know the state of our running applications. Using InfluxDB, Grafana and cAdvisor, we will setup a scalable monitoring solution for Docker Swarm.

  • Setup Gitlab for Docker based development

    Gitlab is an open-source git repository manager. We will deploy Gitlab for docker based projects. We will also configure Gitlab Continuous Integration and Container Registry and secure this setup with HTTPS.

  • Auto Scaling with Docker

    We will set up an auto-scaling system with Docker using Docker Remote API. This can be used to scale the service as the traffic increases. We will make a docker image that replicates services and will tested it on an app deployed with Docker Swarm.

  • Building Blue-Green Deployment with Docker

    Blue-Green Deployment is a strategy to release new version of the app without downtime. We will implement a blue-green deployment system with Docker Swarm.

  • Load Balancing with Docker Swarm

    Docker Swarm lets us group a number of hosts into a cluster and distribute the docker images among these hosts. We will deploy a load balancer that will distribute the traffic to different instances of the docker images in the swarm.