• Generators in JavaScript and Python

    Use generators in JavaScript and Python to generate Fibonacci numbers

  • Line numbers in Jekyll code blocks

    Improve the styling of line numbers in the code blocks of a Jekyll blog

  • Using your sessions with Socket.IO

    Use our site's sessions for authentication with Socket.IO. When a user opens the chat application, he gets a session with a random username. This is required by Socket.IO for authentication and identification.

  • Build and Deploy to OpenShift with TravisCI and Wercker

    Continuous Integration is the technique where certain tasks like building and deploying are done automatically with each commit. TravisCI and Wercker are two popular hosted continuous integrations tools available. We will see how to deploy a Node.js application with these to OpenShift.

  • Implement Elasticsearch in Jekyll blog

    Elasticsearch is a database used for full-text searching and Jekyll is a static blog generator. In this article, we will see how to implement Elasticsearch based searching to a Jekyll blog.

  • hello world :)

    Botleg is a blog where you can find tutorials and techniques in web development, big data analysis, databases, cloud computing and anything related to technology.